Since switching to Typist we've seen a vast increase in student engagement and a vast increase in student success. Our instructors are excited to use Typist, too, and that enthusiasm spills into the classroom. Within 3-4 weeks, students see that it’s working, and in week 9 or 10, when I ask: “Who feels that they have improved?” – every hand goes up. My students love using Typist, and in doing so gain valuable life skills, which they can apply to their work-life every single day.

Mariam Raza, Program Coordinator
Conestoga College

For more than ten years, I have been teaching in a program that requires keyboarding and document formatting; after using Typist for only one year, I can tell you that I will never go back! I love that this program supports both Canadian and American standards for documents and spellings. I also appreciate that accuracy and technique are built into the lessons and have seen more students significantly improve their keyboarding speeds this year than ever before. The document simulations authentically mimic a “real” work environment which means that my students get the hands-on training that will serve them well in their careers. The automatic grading of documents and simple gradebook make my job evaluating document formatting and keyboarding easier than ever before. I have found the team at Typist to be very responsive and completely committed to the success of every student and instructor that signs on. I can confidently recommend Typist as my first choice in keyboarding and document production.

Melanie Oliver, Faculty
MacEwan University

Using Typist Keyboarding and Typist Documents has been a wonderful and much-needed upgrade to our Office Administration Program at Sheridan. It has been incredibly easy to learn and use—for both students and faculty—and the ongoing support is top notch. Students are really enjoying using the website which motivates them to practice their keyboarding regularly and as a result their improvement is remarkable. The simulated environment created for Typist Documents is brilliant. It forces students to think through the process of creating business documents in the same way they will in their Office Administration jobs. The results are exceeding our expectations! A huge thank you and congratulations to Matt and his amazing team at Typist.

Sue Morrison, Faculty
Sheridan College

I’m loving Typist Documents and Typist Keyboarding! My students are being challenged in a learner-centred way to critically think while creating business documents through a realistic simulated learning experience, and the improvement is substantial. After switching to Typist Keyboarding, our students’ practice habits have improved drastically and their keyboarding times have exploded. Having the support of Matt and the Typist Team has made my job a lot easier!

Sunni Mittelstadt, Faculty
Red Deer College

Using Typist has turned my program around to be a very successful program for students. Students who used to fail are now passing their class. One student had taken the keyboarding class four times and could not obtain the 30 words per minute speed, but with the Typist she has achieved over 40 words per minute with 98% accuracy. The online feature has really saved this program because students have access to the program 24/7. Thank you, Typist.

Kathy Locke, Faculty
Spartanburg Community College

Typist is an exceptional program. I started using Typist in my college courses and continue to use Typist in my job as a Medical Office Administrator. When I first started I could type approximately 35 words per minute. With the help of Typist, I no longer need to look at the keyboard while typing and I can type over 65 words per minute at 98% accuracy. Typist brings a sense of accomplishment when you complete lessons and earn stars, and it shows clear progression while reinforcing proper typing habits. The other thing I LOVE about Typist is that it allows you to practice different terminology, including business, medical and legal. I believe this is the best type of typing tool out there, and it's the program I have been looking and waiting for these last 10 years!

DreLynn, Graudate
Medical Office Administration, Centennial College

I have been typing for years, even took typing course in high school. However, Typist has, in under a year, done what a lifetime of typing and my high school course could not. After taking advantage of both the lessons and timing tests, the specialization lessons being a personal favourite, I have watched my typing speed double. With the help of the Profile feature, I have even managed to get my accuracy to well over 98%.

Carlos, Student
Office Administration–Legal, Conestoga College

I've used Typist in our Business Administrator training program at MacEwan University to help my students improve their typing skills and learn to efficiently format letters, memos, e-mails and reports. The greatest strength of Typist's document formatting exercises is in its consistency. Students are required to perfectly input and format several documents in increasing increments of complexity. This is intimidating at first, but absolutely necessary for training students to be conscious and vigilant in their document creation. As the assignments get more complex, Typist incorporates proofreading/editing marks for the students to interpret and teaches them to begin the process of editing and proofreading documents. I would absolutely recommend replacing your current software with Typist and wouldn't hesitate to use the site for typing, document production and formatting.

Jason O'Shea, Faculty
MacEwan University

One of my favourite things about Typist is how supportive their team is, with great customer service for both students and faculty. In Typist Keyboarding there are a wide variety of typing drills to help students overcome whatever their typing challenges are along with excellent diagnostic tools that help students target where they need to improve. Students aren’t just typing drills for the sake of typing drills. Typist's lesson system ensures that students have to think about their typing speed and accuracy rate from the very first typing drill lesson they do. Students who embrace Typist become polished typists.

Peggy Daniel, Program Coordinator
Mohawk College

In MacEwan's Office Assistant program, the Document Formatting courses aim to maximize typing speed and accuracy. Typist is an easy-to-access website that provides students with opportunities to enhance their formatting capabilities and typing skills. Through regular typing lessons that range from keyboarding basics to foreign language lessons, I was able to easily work to improve my typing speed and accuracy. Using Typist, I have completed my typing assignments with great results and worked diligently on improving my keyboarding speed and accuracy. Starting with 45 words per minute and 90% accuracy, I have built up to a typing speed of 65 words per minute in just 8 months with an accuracy of 98%, placing me over the expectations of the class and giving me a competitive edge in my job-hunting future.

Karyn, Student
Administrative Major, Macewan University

I began using Typist during one of my college courses I had started during the pandemic, it was a good time to learn something new as I had become unemployed. To be honest I almost decided not to take the keyboarding course as I felt my skills for typing were decent enough. Once I started using Typist in the course, I could see how quickly my skills had already expanded and sharpened. My accuracy and speed had both increased and I actually enjoyed completing the lessons. I recently started a job with the Ontario Provincial Police as a Data Entry Clerk and I feel I owe my success in securing that job to the increase in my typing skills directly related to Typist. The program is easy to follow and very user friendly.

Suzy, Graduate
Office Administration, Georgian College

While taking the Office Assistant Program with a legal major at MacEwan University I have significantly improved my typing skills. I have worked diligently through many typing tests and continue to improve every day. I appreciated that I could continuously check my progress and could focus on practicing the keys I needed to most improve. My first typing test this year was less than 50 WPM and I am now able to type between 60 - 70 WPM with 98% - 99% accuracy.

Kristy, Student
MacEwan University

I've always been confident in my ability to quickly type up reports and papers (only type, not write!), but once I started using Typist I quickly realized that Google Docs had been quietly correcting many of my spelling mistakes. Typist is designed to teach proper typing techniques to ensure accuracy and efficiency, required for use in my Office Technology & Skill I and II courses. I was tasked to complete weekly typing assignments, and started by learning proper keyboard technique. I had a lot of difficulties in the beginning because I had been typing with the wrong fingers for over a decade. Slowly but surely, I was able to improve my keyboarding technique, which ended up improving my accuracy and speed! I am now more confident than ever with my typing ability, as Typist has made this possible!

Jennifer, Student
MacEwan University

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